Change is all around us. Most of it we can't control. Some we can. I have had a lot of both in my life lately and I'm learning to embrace it. As my life is taking a new direction I decided it was time to take the blog down a new path as well. I will be posting a travel journal of sorts to document our simple journeys and I would love to share it with you. Welcome!


Be different

I regret not taking a picture of this one in progress, because, you know....a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'll try to be more brief than that in my description of this page.   

The green painted pages are torn to reveal the paper-covered pages underneath.  I inked the torn edges before gluing them down. The pennants are cut from pink paper.  The flowers and butterflies are stamps painted with chalks.  


What time is it?

This page was inspired from a chapter title in the book I'm working in. There are some things I like about this spread, but in general, it is not one of my favorites.  To quote Kellie Murton, "Every page doesn't have to be your favorite."  So, it is what it is, and I had fun creating it!


You don't always need a plan

Playing with color and layers. Flowers are cut out of a magazine.  I chose the pages just for the color, never mind it was a prescription drug advertisement.  I was just following the advice of the quote, and I think this page turned out pretty good.



This quote could be perceived either positively or negatively. I choose to view it in the positive sense. My interpretation:  While having expectations is beneficial  focusing solely on them we may find ourselves unhappy with life as it comes.  I believe contentment comes from expectations tempered with reality.

This page was an exercise in blue. For some reason I rarely pick up the blue paint.
The bird is a fussy cut of a rubber stamp.  The checkerboard is stenciled with a texture paste. 
Not really a lot going on with this one.


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